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YouTube Premium MOD APK v18.36.38 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version 2023

APP Information

APK nameAPP NameYouTube Premium APK
Publisher DeveloperDeveloperYouTube
Category iconCategoryAPPS
File sizeSize130 MB
latest version table iconLatest versionv18.34.35
get apk table iconGet APK onGOOGLE PLAY
compatibility table iconCompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or above
MOD infoMOD infoPremium Unlocked/ No Ads
YouTube APP Info


YouTube Premium is a special subscription service offered by YouTube. The well-known online platform where people from all over the world can watch and share videos It’s like a VIP experience for YouTube users. This service comes with several exciting benefits that make watching videos even more enjoyable and convenient. With YouTube Premium, you won’t have to worry about those annoying ads anymore. You can watch your favorite videos without interruption. It’s like a movie theater unto itself. 

Sometimes, you may be in a place where there is no Wi-Fi or data connection. Like on a long road trip or during a flight. With YouTube Premium, you can download videos to your phone or tablet and watch them later. even without an Internet connection. Imagine saving a bunch of videos to entertain you whenever and wherever you want. Here’s another cool feature: Have you ever wanted to listen to a music video or a podcast? But you also need to use another app or turn off your screen. 

YouTube Premium lets you do just that. You can play videos in the background. So you can listen to audio while checking your messages, browsing the web, or doing anything else on your device. It’s like having your own personal DJ. But YouTube Premium isn’t just about videos. It’s also about music. When you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you also get access to YouTube Music Premium. This means you can listen to all your favorite songs and discover new music without any ads. 

You can even download your favorite songs and playlists to listen to offline. It’s like having a concert in your pocket. And there are even more special things! YouTube makes its own special shows and movies. Just like what you see on TV or in the theater. With YouTube Premium, you get to watch these exclusive shows. These are called YouTube Originals. It’s like your own personal screening of unique content you won’t find anywhere else. Subscribers can watch videos on YouTube without any interruption from advertisements. 

You can create a more seamless and enjoyable viewing experience. Premium users can download videos to their mobile devices and watch them without an internet connection. This is useful for situations where a stable internet connection is not available. Premium subscribers can play videos in the background on mobile devices. This allows them to continue listening to audio while using other apps or when the screen is off.

YouTube Premium MOD APK includes access to exclusive original content produced by YouTube. Including TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Subscribed users also get access to YouTube Music Premium. It is a separate service that provides ad-free music streaming, offline downloads, and background playback. A portion of the subscription fee goes to the creators of the content you watch on YouTube. Help support their work.

How to Use Youtube Premium APK

If you are not aware of the YouTube Premium APK, don’t worry! Here we are discussing some steps that you need to follow to use this application in an effective way. After a few practice sessions, you will become a professional in using Youtube Premium and its Modified features.

Keep all the photos on your mobile that you will be adding to your video edit.

  • Download the YouTube Premium APK and install it on your device
  • In the search bar, type YouTube Premium APK and tap on the search icon.
  • Look for the YouTube Premium APK app in the search results.
  • Tap on the app’s icon to open its page.
  • On the app’s page, click the “Install” button.
  • The app will download and install on your Android device.
  • After successful installation, find the YouTube Premium APK app icon on your home screen or in the app drawer and tap on it to launch the application.
  • Tap on the app icon to launch the YouTube Premium APK.
  • Tap on the YouTube Premium APK icon to open the app.
  • When you are logged in to your account, you will notice that ads will no longer appear before, during, or after videos.
  • To download videos for offline viewing, open the YouTube app, find the video you want to download, and tap on the Download button. You can access downloaded videos in the Library or Downloads section of the app.
  • To play videos in the background while using other apps or when your screen is turned off, simply start playing a video, and then exit the app or turn off the screen. The audio will continue playing.
  • You can watch YouTube Originals by navigating to the Originals section in the YouTube app or website. This is where you’ll find exclusive shows and movies created by YouTube.
  • If your YouTube Premium subscription includes YouTube Music Premium, you can download and stream ad-free music through the YouTube Music app.

Features of Youtube Premium APK

  • Ads-Free Experience

YouTube Premium gives you the power to watch videos without those annoying ads. Sometimes it pops up before or during videos. Imagine sitting down to watch your favorite cat videos or cooking tutorials and not having to pause for commercials. It’s like holding a button. It magically makes ads disappear, so you can enjoy your videos without any interruptions. YouTube Premium is like a magic wand that makes those annoying ads disappear. You know how sometimes, when you’re all excited to watch a funny video or learn something new, an ad suddenly pops up?

It’s like someone tapping you on the shoulder when you’re getting into the good stuff. But with YouTube Premium, that annoyance is gone. You can sit comfortably. Relax and enjoy your videos from start to finish without any interruptions. It’s like your own secret hideaway where ads can’t bother you. So, whether you’re laughing at cat antics or becoming a master chef through cooking tutorials, YouTube Premium ensures you’re in control of your viewing experience. No more pauses, no more waiting – just pure, uninterrupted fun.

  • Offline Downloads

Offline downloads with YouTube Premium are like having a special superpower for your videos. You know how sometimes you are in a place where there’s no Wi-Fi or data, like when you are on a long car ride or a camping trip? It’s like being in a world without the internet, and that means no videos, right? Well, YouTube Premium changes the game. Imagine you have a magical backpack where you can store your favorite videos. 

When you have Wi-Fi or data, you can put those videos into your backpack – it’s like making a copy. Then, when you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can open your backpack and watch those videos even without the internet. It’s like having your own private movie collection that you can carry with you wherever you go. So, whether you’re on a road trip, in a remote cabin, or even on a plane, you can pull out your videos from your backpack and watch them. 

There is no need to worry about finding a signal or having enough data. It’s like having a pocket-sized entertainment library that’s always ready to play. With YouTube Premium’s offline downloads, you’re the boss of your videos, and you get to watch them on your terms, wherever you are. Download the YouTube Premium APK and enjoy the premium and amazing features of YouTube.

  • Background Playbacks

Background playback with YouTube Premium is like having a magical radio that you can carry with you everywhere. You know when you’re listening to a great song or an interesting video, but then you want to check your messages or use another app? Usually, you’d have to keep the video open on your screen, right? Well, not with YouTube Premium.

Think of it as having a special music player that doesn’t need your screen to stay open. You press play on a video, and even if you switch to another app or turn off your screen, the audio keeps playing. It’s like having a mini radio station that sticks with you, playing your favorite tunes or podcast discussions while you do whatever else you want on your device.

So, if you’re cooking, texting, or even just wandering around, your video’s sound keeps going. It’s a bit like having a friendly companion follow you, sharing cool stuff with you as you go about your day. YouTube Premium MOD APK background playback gives you the freedom to multitask and stay entertained at the same time. No need to choose between watching a video and doing other things – you can have both at once!

  • Youtube Music Premium

Imagine having a magical jukebox that plays all your favorite songs whenever you want. That’s what YouTube Music Premium is like. You can listen to music without ads interrupting your jam sessions. You can also create playlists and even download songs to listen offline – perfect for when you are on a long trip or in a place with no internet. YouTube Music Premium is like having a personal jukebox filled with all your favorite songs. You know how sometimes you just want to listen to music without any interruptions? Well, YouTube Music Premium makes that possible.

Imagine you have a magical music player that plays the songs you love, one after the other. And the best part? There are no ads! It’s like having your very own concert where the music keeps playing without any breaks. But it gets even better! You can make your own custom playlists – like mixtapes of your favorite songs. And when you’re going on a long journey or to a place with no internet, YouTube Music Premium lets you download those songs.

It’s like putting those songs in your pocket, so you can listen to them even when you’re far away from Wi-Fi. So, whether you’re dancing around your room, going for a run, or just chilling, YouTube Music Premium is like having a music buddy who knows exactly what songs you want to hear. It’s a world of music without ads, plus the power to take your favorite tunes with you wherever you go.

  • YouTube Originals

Just like there are TV shows and movies on regular television, YouTube has its own special shows and movies too. With YouTube Premium, you can watch these exclusive shows called YouTube Originals. They’re like secret videos made just for subscribers, so you get access to unique content that not everyone can see. YouTube Originals are like hidden treasures created just for the subscribers of YouTube Premium.

Do you know how regular TV has those special shows and movies that everyone talks about? Well, YouTube has its own version of those, and they’re called YouTube Originals. Think of it as having a VIP ticket to a special movie theater where they show movies that you won’t find anywhere else. These YouTube Originals are like secret videos that only YouTube Premium subscribers get to see. 

They’re unique shows and movies made by YouTube, just for you. It’s like being part of an exclusive club that gets access to the coolest and most interesting content. Imagine watching a series that nobody else has seen or a documentary that dives deep into fascinating topics. With YouTube Originals, you’re not just watching ordinary videos – you’re experiencing something special and different. 

It’s like discovering a hidden library of amazing content that’s reserved just for you and other YouTube Premium members. So, if you’re curious about exploring new and exciting videos, YouTube Originals are like a special treasure trove waiting for you to uncover. Download YouTube Premium MOD APK and Enjoy.

  • Ad-Free Kids Content

YouTube Premium offers an extra perk for families – you can enjoy an ad-free experience on YouTube Kids as well. This means that when your little ones are watching their favorite cartoons or educational videos, there won’t be any interruptions from ads. It’s like creating a safe and calm viewing environment for kids without those pesky ads popping up.

  • Video Quality Options

With YouTube Premium, you can choose the quality of the videos you watch, even when you’re on mobile data. It’s like having a control panel that lets you decide how clear or smooth you want your videos to be. If you’re on a slow internet connection, you can choose a lower quality to make sure your video doesn’t buffer. On a faster connection, you can enjoy super clear videos.

  • Smart Downloads

This feature is like having your own personal video assistant. If you often watch a series of videos from a channel, YouTube Premium’s Smart Downloads can automatically download the next episodes for you. It’s like having your favorite shows ready to watch even before you ask. So, if you’re binge-watching a series, you won’t have to manually download each episode – it’s done for you!

  • Access Across Devices

When you have YouTube Premium, you can enjoy all these features on various devices. Whether you’re watching videos on your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV, the benefits stay with you. It’s like carrying a magic wand that turns any device into an ad-free, offline-enabled, entertainment hub.

  • Supporting Creators

Another great thing about YouTube Premium is that a portion of the subscription fee goes to the creators who make the videos you enjoy. It’s like giving a virtual thumbs-up to your favorite creators and supporting their work. So, while you’re enjoying your ad-free and offline videos, you’re also helping the people who make those videos possible.

These features are designed to enhance your YouTube experience and cater to your entertainment preferences. Remember, to access all these perks, it’s best to subscribe through the official YouTube platform to ensure a safe and legitimate experience.

MOD Features of Youtube Premium APK

  • YouTube Premium MOD APK Unlocked Features: YouTube Premium MOD APK offers Premium Unlocked for free. You can take your favorite songs, dramas, and much more. All the premium features in the app are free. YouTube Premium offers a wide range of options in the app for free. The app allows you to achieve different moods. All filters are unlocked without any problems. Both iOS and Android versions of the YouTube Premium MOD APK are available. So download YouTube Premium and enjoy all the modified and premium features.
  • YouTube Premium MOD APK Latest Version: YouTube Premium MOD APK’s latest version 2023 provides all the basic features for absolutely free. YouTube Premium’s old version, unlocked, is better, but YouTube Premium 2023 is better, and extra features are included. It has an old version you can download, but the latest version has more fun. YouTube Premium MOD APK for Android TV  for PC download and Android or iOS both. In the latest version of YouTube Premium MOD APK, the No Watermark option is available for free.
  • YouTube Premium MOD APK No Ads: In the YouTube Premium MOD APK version, you get display ads while using this application. But if you download the YouTube Premium, No Ads often allow users to access app features without requiring any upfront payment. There are no ads. You can enjoy the application without any problems. YouTube Premium uses everything in the app.

Pros of Youtube Premium APK

  • Ad Free Experience
  • Offline Download
  • Access To Youtube Originals
  • Premium Youtube Music
  • All Premium Features Unlocked

Requirements for Youtube Premium APK

YouTube Premium MOD APK  iOS and Android devices can be used. The smartphone must normally run Android 5.0 and up or later to be compatible with Android. The software needs iOS 15.0 or later on iOS devices. YouTube Premium requires storage space on your device to install and save photos.

YouTube Premium features can be used offline. Access to certain functions requires an Internet connection. For example, to share photos on social media platforms or access the YouTube Premium community and curated content, you will need an active Internet connection.

ProcessorA dual-core processor with Intel Core i7 at 3 GHz or higher
RAM3GB or Higher
OSAndroid 5.0 or above
PermissionGallery, Phone Storage
Requirements of Youtube Premium APK

How to Download and Install Youtube Premium MOD APK (Installation process)

  1. Click on the download YouTube Premium MOD APK APP.
  2. Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  4. Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away.

Note: Enable the “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.

Final Verdict

Finally, YouTube Premium MOD APK offers many features. May greatly improve your use of the Service. It aims to offer comfort, customization, and a better viewing and listening experience. YouTube Premium strives to meet many of your needs by providing an ad-free experience, offline downloads, and access to exclusive content. Depending on your unique needs and objectives, you must decide if YouTube Premium is the appropriate option for you. 

The subscription can be quite beneficial if you frequently find commercials annoying, love watching videos offline, desire background playback, are interested in YouTube Originals, and want ad-free music streaming. The fact that a percentage of the subscription cost goes to the content providers is another advantage.However, The subscription fee is a factor, so it’s vital to evaluate whether the advantages fit with your entertainment preferences and spending limit. 

Despite the fact that YouTube Premium has many benefits, not all regions may provide it, and the value of the service may vary depending on the user’s preferences for watching material. Finally, YouTube Premium provides a premium viewing and listening experience with a number of useful features. But before making a choice, it’s important to consider the pros and cons in relation to your individual entertainment requirements. Download the YouTube Premium MOD APK and enjoy it.

Yes, our website has the Youtube Premium MOD APK latest version.

Yes, the MOD is also compatible with the PC and Mac when you are using emulators.

Yes, the MOD files are compatible with Android devices only.

Yes, You can Download Youtube Premium APK from Findmeapk for Free.

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