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APK nameAPP NameState of Survival: Zombie War
Publisher DeveloperDeveloperFunPlus International AG
Category iconCategoryStrategy
File sizeSize262 MB
latest version table iconLatest version1.20.95
get apk table iconGet APK onGOOGLE PLAY
compatibility table iconCompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or above
MOD infoMOD infoUnlimited Money, Biocaps
State of Survival: Zombie War APP Info


State of Survival: Zombie War is a survival game by FunPlus International AG. The game is about your survival while destroying the zombies that come your way. The Zombies have attacked earth and the remaining survivors have to defend the earth and you are one of the survivors. You will be provided with weapons and other resources to attack the zombies and defend yourself against the zombies. The State of Survival MOD APK helps you get all the premium resources without any cost when you download it from

Game Overview

The game State of Survival starts with the story of the zombies attacking the world population. The Population is almost depleted from the earth due to the infectious attack by zombies. The attack continues and only a few survivors are left in the world to defend earth against the zombie attack. Enjoy the free download of The Grand Mafia MOD APK and Idle Egg Factory MOD APK.

You have only limited resources to attack and defend yourself and the earth. You have to use the manpower along with the other resources to attack the zombies. You team up with other people and make groups to attack the zombies as a team. Working in a team helps you as you will be able to destroy zombies fastly.

You get weapons and vehicles to attack the zombies. You get customization options, where you can customize the vehicle and the weapons. You can even upgrade the resources. The good thing about the MOD file on findmeapk is that you get the premium resources for free as you download the MOD APK from our website.

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Features of State of Survival APK

The wonderful features of the State of Survival APK can astound you. Here are a few of its intriguing features:

  • Build a Secure and Strong Base

When you start the game, you have to secure the places where you are going to defend yourself or make yourself safe from the zombies. These places are going to be your bases. You have to construct your building so strong and upgrade your base to defend against zombie attacks and hostile players, while also ensuring a steady supply of resources such as food, water, and building materials. Each building serves a specific purpose, and upgrading them increases their effectiveness and efficiency.

State of Survival build strong base
  • Find Allies Across the Land

You alone will not be able to protect the survivors and attack all the zombies. You can make alliances with other players around the world to destroy the zombies together. The good thing about making a team is that you will have more resources and more strategies to combat the zombies and defeat them.

State of Survival make allaince
  • PvP and PvE

  • PvP: player versus player combat, where you battle against other players’ bases and armies. PvP combat is initiated by attacking another player’s base, and the winner is determined by who inflicts the most damage and/or steals the most resources.
  • PvE: player versus environment combat, where you battle against computer-controlled zombie hordes or other enemies. PvE combat can take place in various game modes, such as story missions, events, and challenges.

Both PvP and PvE combat are important aspects of the game, as they provide opportunities to earn rewards, gain experience, and progress through the game.

  • Train your Heroes

You can upgrade your heroes’ abilities by equipping them with different weapons, armor, and accessories. You can even enhance the fighting abilities of your hero to their maximum level by spending resources on them. You get the upgrades by earning experience points. The enhancement upgrades are obtained by the badges assigned to you as a player or by different rewards you obtain during events and challenges.

State of Survival train your heroes

State of Survival MOD Features

  • State of Survival MOD Unlimited Everything

Not all the gears in the State of Survival are unlocked at the beginning. Not all the customization options, weapons, armor, and accessories are available to you in the Google Play Store version of the game. But if you download the State of Survival MOD APK from you get all these premium features for free at the beginning of the game.

  • Unlimited Money

The money is the in-game currency in State of Survival used to purchase various items and resources in the game. You get money by completing or participating in different challenges and events in the game. You can even get money when you destroy the zombies and win the game. But when you download the State of Survival MOD APK from you get unlimited money to spend during gameplay. Enjoy the unlimited money feature of Pocket Ants MOD APK.

  • Unlimited Biocaps

Biocaps are another currency in the game. You can unlock many special features in the game. You can even upgrade your skills and enhance your character’s abilities. You can get these Biocaps by participating in different challenges and events and by reaching a specific level of points in the game. Download the State of Survival MOD APK from and we will provide you with unlimited Biocaps.

How to Download State of Survival MOD APK Latest Version (Installation process)

  1. Click on the download button for State of Survival MOD APK.
  2. Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  3. Now tap Install MOD APK and wait for the installation to finish.
  4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security settings of your device.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an exciting, immersive, and challenging mobile game, then State of Survival: Zombie War is the perfect choice for you. With its engaging storyline, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay, State of Survival is a thrilling experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end. You’ll build and defend your own base, train powerful heroes, and fight against hordes of zombies and other players.

Whether you’re a fan of strategy games or simply looking for a new adventure, State of Survival is a must-play game that will keep you engaged and entertained. So download State of Survival MOD APK today and join the millions of players already enjoying this epic zombie survival game!

Yes, all the MOD files are tested for any malware.

You need to uninstall the original one first.

  1. You might have turned off “Allow installation from unknown resources”.
  2. The downloaded State of Survival MOD file is not fully downloaded or corrupted.
  3. The app is not compatible with the Hardware or version of the OS you are using.

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