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APK nameAPP NameTraffic Rider APK
DeveloperDeveloperSoner Kara
Category iconCategoryRacing
File sizeSize141 MB
latest version table iconLatest versionv1.95
get apk table iconGet APK onGOOGLE PLAY
compatibility table iconCompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or above
MOD infoMOD infoUnlimited Money, Unlock All Cars
Traffic Rider APP Info


Traffic Rider APK is a popular mobile game developed by Skgames on January 11, 2016. The game offers different modes, including career mode, endless mode, and time trial mode, providing a variety of game options. The goal of the traffic rider game player is to ride as far as possible without crashing into other vehicles on the road. APK has the ability to ride their bikes at high speeds on various highways, which is quite exciting. If you love riding motorcycles, you must try this fantastic game since it will make your riding experience more realistic and improve your riding abilities.

One of the unique features of Traffic Rider is its first-person perspective. Which increases the love of riding a bike. You can choose from a selection of bikes with different features and customize them with upgrades and visual enhancements using in-game currency. You can complete different types of missions in this game. You can ride your bikes through different cities and roads and destroy your rivals. Each has a different set of functionality and visuals. You can ride your bikes in the snow or rain to enjoy the beauty of different seasons.

Traffic Rider APK is a complete package for riding lovers. Raid game lovers want to enhance their gaming experience even more. So you have come to the right platform. Download the game and immerse yourself in the world of riding, and enjoy. You can also download CarX Rally MOD APK for amazing gameplay and features.

Game Overview

In Traffic Rider, the gameplay revolves around driving a motorcycle through traffic-filled roads and highways. while avoiding collisions and serving different purposes. Traffic Rider APK is a really fun and engaging game that allows players to play through a variety of levels. After completing each level, players are faced with tougher problems in the following one, which makes the game more thrilling.

You can choose from a variety of motorcycles with various features. such as speed, acceleration, and handling. As you progress and earn more in-game currency. You can unlock and buy better bikes. This game offers a variety of play modes, including day and night, snowfall, and rain. You can control the motorcycle using tilt controls or on-screen buttons. Download Dr Driving MOD APK form findmeapk and enjoy.

While on-screen buttons allow you to control acceleration, braking, and tilt manually. By riding more quickly, you can increase your bonuses and score. This game is readily playable everywhere and is available in 18 other languages, making it incredibly simple to play even if you don’t know English. Some bikes in the game’s original version are locked, but in the mod version, all bikes and premium accessories have already been unlocked.

There are 29 bikes available for you to ride, and there are 70+ missions you can complete to compete and beat your opponent. You can earn more bonuses and higher scores by riding faster, and you may earn unlimited money and coins to buy or unlock all of the bikes. You won’t be troubled by internet ads that pop up on the screen while playing this game because it offers an ad-free experience. Download Race Master 3D MOD APK for free.

Features of Traffic Rider APK

  • Customize your motorbikes

In Traffic Rider, you can indeed use in-game currency to upgrade your bikes and purchase visual customizations. This game offers the chance to customize your motorcycle, allowing you to change the bike’s tires, engine, and other components. You may add beautiful stickers, original artwork, and other decorations to your bike. You can upgrade various aspects of your motorcycle to improve its performance.

These upgrades may include enhancing the bike’s top speed, acceleration, handling, and braking. Upgrading your bike can help you achieve higher scores and perform better in the game. You can earn in-game currency by completing missions, achieving high scores, and performing skilled maneuvers while riding. This currency can then be used to purchase both performance upgrades and visual customizations for your bikes.

Traffic Rider customization
  • Various camera views

This Traffic Rider MOD APK offers a variety of camera angles. View the player from a different viewpoint and perspective by using the camera. This is the default camera view in Traffic Rider. It provides a perspective from the rider’s point of view. Immersing you in a game like this. Just like you’re actually riding a motorcycle. It adds a sense of speed and realism as you navigate through traffic. By using this option, a player is able to learn different driving skills and has an enhanced capacity to win the race.

  • Controls of game

Traffic Rider offers two control options for maneuvering the motorcycle.

Tilt Controls: This control scheme allows you to steer the motorcycle by physically tilting your device. By tilting your device left or right, you can control the direction of the bike, simulating the motion of leaning into turns. Tilt controls offer a more immersive and intuitive way to steer the motorcycle.

On-Screen Buttons: Alternatively, Traffic Rider also provides on-screen buttons for controlling the motorcycle. These buttons often include tilting the bike left or right buttons, acceleration buttons to speed up or slow down, and braking buttons to halt. Using these on-screen buttons, you can control the movement and actions of the motorcycle directly with your finger taps. With these two basic features in the game, everyone can play this game very easily and increases enjoyment.

Traffic Rider Controls
  • Play game online

Traffic Rider APK also has an online option where you may challenge friends and other players for unlimited money and coins to unlock all the motorcycles. The player will learn to challenge their friends to compete in the game.

  • Varied Environments

Traffic Rider offers a range of environments to ride through, each with its own distinct characteristics and challenges. You can experience the thrill of riding through bustling city streets. These environments are filled with buildings, traffic lights, intersections, and a dense flow of vehicles. Traffic Rider includes highway environments. Where you can unleash the full potential of your motorcycle. These long stretches of open roads provide an opportunity to reach high speeds while avoiding traffic.

However, be careful of lane-changing vehicles and sudden obstacles in the way. Enjoy the scenic views as you ride through the countryside in Traffic Rider. These environments feature winding roads, beautiful landscapes, and a more relaxed atmosphere compared to city streets and highways. However, keep an eye out for twists, turns, and occasional oncoming traffic as you navigate the country roads.

  • Play the game in your preferred languages

Even if you don’t speak English, you can still play this game because it is widely accessible and has versions in 18 different languages. In order to make your game more pleasurable and engaging, you can play this game in your preferred language.

Traffic Rider language
  • Different game modes

  1. Career Mode– In career mode, players can ride their bikes at fast speeds across highways to finish various stages quickly. If your bike crashes into another bike while in this mode, you must restart your ride from the point where the incident occurred.
  2. Time Trial Mode– Players must choose a time in the Time Trial Mode to get to the goal and defeat other opponents to get rewards.
  3. Endless Mode– You must ride your bike in the endless game mode for as long as you like, but if you crash it three times, the game is over. Additionally, when riding bikes on roadways, you can choose between two-way or one-way traffic.
  4. Free Mode– You can ride your bike without worrying about colliding with any other vehicles or bikes because there are none on the road in free mode. Starting in free mode is required if you are new to this game.
Traffic Rider Modes

Traffic Rider MOD Features

  • Traffic Rider MOD APK All Bikes Unlocked

In this Traffic Rider MOD APK, all bikes will be unlocked without purchasing anything with currency. The best feature of this game is that you can access all advanced and unlimited motorbikes for free. You can unlock all the bikes you love to drive and achieve your goals. Polish your driving skills and win the game. You can ride any bike you like on the track. Now it’s time to ride your favorite motorcycle on the roads without any hassle. and take advantage of all the options available in the game.

  • Traffic Rider MOD APK Unlimited Money

Traffic Rider MOD APK will give you unlimited money to buy new bikes and also customize your bikes according to the player.  So you can buy all the motorbikes and other items you want without any problem. You can upgrade your motorbikes as you wish. because you will get unlimited money to get everything in this game.

if you also want unlimited money in modified version of Traffic Rider games, then get this game’s modern version and enjoy it free. With unlimited money, a player enhances their performance and wins the game. Download Rush Rally 3 MOD APK unlimited money feature as well.

  • Traffic Rider MOD APK Free shopping

Traffic Rider will allow you to do free shopping. You can get all kinds of things in the game for free. like motorbikes and all premium features in the game. All Traffic Rider Modded APK’s latest versions are available on our website. Customize your bike with Traffic Rider MOD APK free purchase.

  • Traffic Rider MOD APK No Ads

Ads are always a problem, especially in racing games. That’s why the latest version of Traffic Rider MOD APK will never let you down. because there are no ads in this version. By playing your game in a modern version, you will never face any kind of video ad at the end of your game. which means there are no obstacles. You can play your game in peace, as you are free to play it anytime without ads.

How to Download Traffic Rider MOD APK (Installation process)

  1. Click on the above link for Traffic Rider MOD APK free download.
  2. Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

Note: Enable the “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.

Final Verdict

Traffic Rider MOD APK is available for fast download on our website. This is a well-known and fun game where players may play through several stages to defeat rivals and earn an endless supply of coins and money to unlock all the bikes. I adore this game and all of its lovely features, and I urge you to download it because it was released in 18 different languages, allowing you to play it in whichever language you like.

No, you cannot play this game if you are using an older version. You must first uninstall the previous version before you can download the latest version.

Yes, playing the traffic rider game in the mod version, which gives you unlimited money and coins to buy or unlock all bikes, is completely safe.

Yes, this game is also available for iOS.

Yes, this game is safe for PC as well.

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